T.I.M.E. Program


The Total Interagency Model for Education (T.I.M.E.) Program was developed and implemented in 1985 to provide a therapeutic, educational environment to meet the needs of students with special needs, adjudicated, and other high risk youth who are unable to function in a less restrictive or more “traditional” educational setting.

Contact Information

Michelle Sharon T.I.M.E. Teacher (262) 359-6428 msharon@kusd.edu
Samantha Oravetz T.I.M.E. Teacher (262) 359-6429 soravetz@kusd.edu
William Jay Robinson (Self Contained) T.I.M.E. Teacher (262) 359-6435 wrobinso@kusd.edu
Jason Paproth (Self Contained) T.I.M.E. Teacher (262) 359-6430 jpaproth@kusd.edu
Patty Walcott T.I.M.E. Teacher (262) 359-6431